Youth Explosion!!

Last weekend was YE!! was an awesome time for the most part! finally got things together and somewhat organised, if you go to you can see some pictures if they are uploaded yet if not I'm sure they will be sometime. Life gets busy!

I do have a slide show of the event here and ready to show!! Thanks to Joan and Benjamin from the team for taking these pictures alongside with me and Ben for helping fix up the video! There are so many to thank to make an event like this possible. Through communties and those that come to YE I thank you for your support, help and contributions!

We used a song that the band Behold had done for this years "Avenger" Theme. My Hero and we also used Skillets song Hero in the slide show. Please Note: The songs "My Hero" by Behold ( and "Hero" by Skillet ( do not belong to us nor are we claiming ownership. They are used to praise God that He's truely our HERO!



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