Words Matter

5 things Christians Shouldn’t Say

Hey there! It has been quite awhile since I’ve been here blogging. It’s been rough and been down with personnal issues that have kept me feeling cruddy which certainly hasn’t given me motivation to post, but I felt like it today.

Words can be a complicated thing, sometimes even Christians can forget about thier speach. Remember we live in this world, but are not supposed to be of it. If your a Christian who struggles with speach and was corrected, don’t be upset at the person correcting you as they are hopefully doing it in love and want the best for you to do better. Plus your a Christian, you should know better about your speach!

Typically our words come from the sources we listen to. Remember the phrase “garbage in, garbage out. Praise in, praise out!” surround yourself with sources which include people who don’t cause you to stumble in your choice of words. Dosn’t mean we have to treat people like an outcast who suck at thier speach, but show them, correct them in love what is right. Never give the attitude “I’m better than you” because that’s a huge turn off for anyone, no matter what it is.

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