Verse of the Day

Hello!  I am  blogging from my phone,  verse of the day maybe back! I'm not usually home in the daytime so it was hard for me to keep up with doing verses in time.  My blog has been on my mind to try and update it.  I certainly don't want to quit, I do want to try and put an about page sometime too.  

Anyhow let me know in the comments if you're able to view it,  hopefully it's not too small from blogging off a phone because I have some apps and also youversion bible app gives you cool back grounds as well I can use. Instead of plain print I can give it something fun while you read and ponder. Haha 


2 thoughts on “Verse of the Day

  1. Your welcome,  and thank you for letting me know.  I'll try to post something often as I do procrastinate too much! It's awesome to know there are people that do enjoy something here.  Thanks for being art of the encouragement! 

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