Use Me God by Behold


If you herd them at YE or else where this band has some great music going on. Behold has their new CD Light, some of the songs are on youtube on thier channel BeholdWorship. Got some great songs to just be lost in worship! More from them if you download thier music on Zune and iTunes. 

I like this song called Use Me God, as it just reminds us to just ask God to just use us and for us to be ready to be used by Him! I just need to learn atimes to wait patiently for Him. 

One thought on “Use Me God by Behold

  1. Great song.  Great reminder.  Also, we have to be prepared to be used perhaps in different ways than we maybe expect when we start asking God to use us.  I'm certainly not saying don't ask God to be used – just be prepared to do stuff that maybe you normally wouldn't!  God is awesome and He Always works in Awesome ways!

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