Tis The Season To Be Giving?!!

It is another year another winter season we have begun here in the Great White North! It is like literally 2 weeks away untill Christmas!! Favourite time of the year. Emotional time of the year with memories of loss, but need to try and remember it's Jesus birthday to celebrate His life. God's gift to the earth for His people.

Speaking of gifts it was pondering me the other day I was cleaning the school gym and thought, we often give and recieve gifts at Christmas and birthdays and other occasions we can think of. As Christians sometimes we think it's not about the gifts that means Christmas because of the comerciallism or people use the Santa Clause statement to tie gifts with Christmas. As Christans we know Christmas means it's about Jesus. True! it is about Jesus! but if we give and get gifts why do we need to feel guilty about that part of Christmas?

Not saying to get involved in the commercialism of Santa and stuff, but if you give the whole gift giving some thought Jesus is a gift, God gave us the greastest gift of all time! and people that came to see Mary, Joseph and thier new baby have brought them all kinds of gifts like it says in Matthew and other parts that talk about the Christmas story in the New Testimate. One person however was rather poor and couldn't afford to give Jesus a gift like gold, frankensece and mere which are also great gifts. The little drummer boy gave a gift of song he played from his drum. 

Gifts go way back than we could ever think. We think it's a 20th century thing, nope it's like many years B.C or when He came. The bible dosen't just talk about Jesus being our gift from God, the bible also mentions spiritual gifts that God also gives us like the gift of healing, decernment, even encouragement is a gift. being able to encourage others can take some effort at times, but it can come easy if you let God open your heart to see the good in people. Romans talks about the different spiritual gifts. Of course that is another topic to talk about on it's own.

The point being, don't feel guilty if some of you are for giving and reciving a gift or two and stuff. Not with a greedy attitude thinking we deserve something so gimmie gimmie anyway, but be greatful and thankful and not expecting (even though we know family and friends are bound to get us something) we can be nice about it and blessed that you've been thought of. 

While your rushing about for Christmas just remember to keep Christ in Christmas! 



2 thoughts on “Tis The Season To Be Giving?!!

  1. True! Thanks for sharing! I know some people avoid Christmas because they don't want to get "caught up" in stuff. Balance is key.

    • Very much indeed, and we don’t have to be pushy on people, but still be willing to step out and share abit of Christmas with them.

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