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This verse from 1 Peter is a cool one to remember. Not only it is biblical for people to ask questions but It is a verse to get us as Christians answer our friends, familys and the worlds questions why we have hope. Sometimes it can be alittle nervous  for new Christians  to tell people the hope they have recieved. Sometimes us old Christians can even stumble upon some nervous times or drop the ball too on answering a question thats easy, but sometimes there's a time and a place and even how as well! If we stay in tune with God, God will open doors and opertunity's to share about Him to others with meaning but gentleness. You never know how many may turn a leaf! Are you ready to answer? 

Check out the rest of the verses within this past week. I'm trying out a new look to putting vereses together, let me know how you like or dislike it. I'll try not to make them too hard on the eyes. I certainly like how this one turned out! Being a photoshopper has its benafits! smiley 


3 thoughts on “This Week’s Verses

  1. Love the verses and I have treid to share, but know I have missed opportunities as well. Always realize that our job is to PLANT seeds – not water, not fertilizer, not sunshine. God takes care of that. Priase God for that!

    Also, I really like the Ephesians verses as they have been a challenge to me personally for many years – and will continue to help guide my life as I try to follow after God. 

    Thanks for the encouragement and the challenge!

  2. Thx, sometimes I forget I don't have to water or fertalize, or sunshine and just do the planting. The Ephisan verse is a hard one to accomplish for sure too, I know I have failed many times. Am glad He's there to pick me back up again.

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