The Armour of God-The Sword

At youth group afew months ago we had learned about the Armour Of God. Common scripture most people read usually is Ephesians 6:10-17 we have discovered the armour of God. This is important to fight against the enemy and troubles in our lives. There are other parts of the armour of God that had been talked about by the other 2 leaders at youth group.  Which are the: breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, shoes of peace, helmet of salvation, and the shield of faith. There would be 7 if they mentioned pants, but maybe God prefers onesys, keeping things connected. All these things are good to havein order to stand against the enemy. 

So we have all this gear, I know we haven't talked about the rest of the other gear, but when we do we are still only partially ready to go out and battle.  How many of you play video games?  Most combat games like shooters and some like Leage Of Legends you have most of this gear in a different way to protect your charactor/you, for the most part. You also have your weapon of choice. Even I would say some Mario games when battling in the boss levels you want to be ready and geared up. 

In the spiritual realm as Christians we fight a spiritual battle. Can anyone guess what our “weapon” of choice is?  (the Bible, the word of God) the Bible is a crucial part of of our lives, it tells us ways to defeat the enemy, it gives us not only knowledge but wisdom. Wisdom and knowledge go hand in hand.  

I've been through some spiritual battles in life. Not only to defend me from bullies, but standing up for God, defending His word. Not only being in the middle of church drama, but trying to convince people that the Bible is true even as an adult. It does not contradict itself, my dad in BC is one I can think of that I've had multiple chats about God's word. He claims/tells me he’s a Christian, grew up in a Christian home, some things sound are accurate, but somethings didn't always make sense when I looked things up. Humans can tell me something, but I useally like see and check if it lines up with the bible. 

When we go to church/youth group or any event it's good to bring your Bible to follow along not only to learn, but also make sure the preacher is not making it up. Sometimes we don’t always have our bible handy, these days there are bible apps you can carry around on your phone, just don’t get “distracted” when you should be reading the bible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and check things out for yourself too. The Bible talks about being careful of false teachers.  (1 Timothy 4:1-5) (1 Timothy 1:3-7)  this is training ground, this is base camp, the battle field is out there when we walk out these doors. 

Having the right ammunition is key, the Bible is our key to fight against the enemy. It’s full of many things it can teach us to live life and even fight the enemy.  If you haven't heard the new Tfk album yet it's pretty awesome, there's afew favorites that I like.  One of them is called A Different Kind of Dynamite: 

Like shots fired in the middle of Vegas
Roll tide in the middle of the streets
Like a dog fight in a clear blue sky
We fight with a different kind of dynamite
A different kind of dynamite
A different kind of dynamite

Like in war souldiers use guns and knives, ect. to fight the enemy on the physical battle field, we fight with a different kind of dynamite – the word of God. Sometimes the word (truth) can hurt when we are told something we don't like, but it’s where we can find Jesus, comfort and peace also. There's a really good acronym I like called BIBLE  Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth. If you read in Revelation it says God’s people will come back to fight the enemy or it says the prince of darkness, Satin. We’ll be fighting with Jesus, and possibly with literal swords. As this world gets more and more crazier it’s key to know God’s word before we leave earth. Not only knowing the bible is important living it is even better as it has important life lessions.

Many people may be critical of you at times for standing for God or speak it out, but be patient because God delights in our stand for Him. He sees us and hears us, He knows our heart as we can't hide from Him. 

Psalms 149:4-6  

Heb. 4:12-13

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    • thx, was glad I could be able to share and glad it was enjoyable to hear/read. Appriciate the encouragement! 🙂 Was meaning to post it up much sooner as God kept nudging me to do my blog stuff!

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