YC Alberta 2016

How many of you are going to YC?!! I am!! it's a fantastic event that gathers hundreds and thousands of youth and leaders to whorship God as one! Speaking of which there theme this year is UN1TE meaning we are one with God, come together as one, we are there for one reason and that […]

Chris Tomlin

Was listing to my music on Xbox Music, since Zune is no longer around which sucks, it don't stop me from finding music else where. Sometimes listing on youtube or CD's, MP3's, phones with music apps ect. Anyhow, I came across some awesome praise and worship music from a guy named Chris Tomlin that I have […]

Big Daddy Weave-The Only Name

Heres a good song that's new to me I've herd on the radio afew times and it was very catchy! I like! it's a good song that just makes you want to dance and sing while you close your eyes at times and just worship and praise the one who saved me!  You can praise God anywhere anytime, […]