Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day! It's late for saying something, but it's not never either.  As some of you are finishing off or maybe just getting started with Valentine's Day take some time and remember God's love is important. So much more than the mushy stuff, loving a person isn't all about physical love.  It's much more […]

Verse of the day

It is almost Valentine's Day, I'm not sure if it's a Christian holiday or not,  but alot of society thinks you have to be with someone. Wrong!  Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate with the ones you love indeed,  but what better love is the love of Christ?  There's no shame being single or with […]

Verses of The Week

     Today is Valentines Day, the day people exspress thier love to thier loved ones. Some people that are single maybe find it just a day to them or some find it lonley cuz they don't have anyone. Just cuz you are single dosn't mean you can't love. Loving someone dosn't have to be […]

Worldly Love vs. Biblical Love

Hey there that read my blog, it's almost Valentines Day and maybe some of you have a special Valentine in your life to celebrate with on that day, and maybe some of you don't and that's ok! I'm still single myself, but that dosn't mean we are not loved. Sometimes we feel lonley, I think […]