Rock N’ Rolling Easter

If you have a favorite rock song or band what comes to mind? Are they all Christian, secular (non-Christian), or both? Did you know that Rock N’n Roll started in the 1950s? A combo of country, blues, and gospel music. Originally started out with the saxophone then moved to the electric guitar. There are a […]

The Armour of God-The Sword

At youth group afew months ago we had learned about the Armour Of God. Common scripture most people read usually is Ephesians 6:10-17 we have discovered the armour of God. This is important to fight against the enemy and troubles in our lives. There are other parts of the armour of God that had been talked about […]

TGofGL-Day 12 Conquering Love

This is an interesting devotion that was for Sunday. It almost reminds me bit what we're learning in bible study, who we are in Christ. We often are worried about what the people see and what they think of us. That is my struggle and irratates me, some people either don't see my heart or […]

So Far Gone-TFK

So Far Gone Thousand Foot Krutch   I know they say that the space between Can make it stronger than we've ever seen They might be right but I disagree Cause I've never felt stronger than when you're with me   Sometimes I wonder why you even care Cause even when I leave you're always […]