Remembrance Day

Wednesday was Nov. 11 Rememberance Day. Some call it Veterans Day, which ever it's the same thing. These were Vertans that were in the wars in the past. There are still small wars going on today.  I'm alittle late in posting something up, I did though post up on social media of my poppy I made at […]

Verses of The Week

     Today is Valentines Day, the day people exspress thier love to thier loved ones. Some people that are single maybe find it just a day to them or some find it lonley cuz they don't have anyone. Just cuz you are single dosn't mean you can't love. Loving someone dosn't have to be […]

TGofGL-Day 10 Love in Action

 It's been busy this for work and I've taking afew hours in the morning to learn about the book of Revelation at the church my mom gose to, they do a bible college and so I was interested to know more things about Rev. As well I've been trying to keep up with how Canada is doing […]