YC 2016 Results

Hey there,   Probably wondering where I've been and probably dying to hear how YC went! Well even though I was a river of a weekend it was a good weekend! I have learnt afew things in different sessions and from different speakers.  Even through the band's that we should trust in the Lord and […]

Advent Day 23 Angels From The Realms of Glory

It is Christmas Eve up here in north America! I know this advent is up abit late, but I was taking some family time most of the day. Angels From The Realms of Glory sounds new me, but sounds like a good song of just being at peace in His presence! How awesome a feeling […]

My Weekend!!

Hey people! Got back from a weekend of awesome!! Our local youth rally event had ended around noonish on Sun. Lots of great messages for the weekend circled around on a mission for God and knowing what do. Being equipped and ready to go out on the mission field to fight the battle we`re facing in our lives or will […]