Advent Day 24 Silent Night

Merry Christmas!!! It is here!! It has came!! Even though it says day 24 this is what was on for Christmas Day! When I think of Silent Night, I think of people gathered around singing and no other noises around. A peaceful time of just thinking about Christmas.  Something different for verses as we're in Jeramiah 23 […]

Advent Day 5 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

This is an interesting song sung around Christmas. Often I read the scripture and then the song devotion for it. I searched long and hard for the history of the song and more of what it sings. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear has made it clear that their wasn't too much for history behind […]

Advent Day 4 I Herd the Bells on Christmas Day

It's Day 4 for advent, I know the dates may look alittle messed up at times, but I have been following and reading each day or evening. The Christmas carol I Herd The Bells On Christmas Day is a classic song that started during the civil war was taking place in the 1800's was sung around […]