Rock N’ Rolling Easter

If you have a favorite rock song or band what comes to mind? Are they all Christian, secular (non-Christian), or both? Did you know that Rock N’n Roll started in the 1950s? A combo of country, blues, and gospel music. Originally started out with the saxophone then moved to the electric guitar. There are a […]

Jesus Freak Cruise!

Last month I went on a Christian cruise with my cousin, aunt, and uncle. It was really awesome! Got to see DC Talk play live, the gang that made up the crew had also their bands like Toby Mac, the Newsboys and afew others that either wrote some songs with different members of the crew at different […]

Behold on The Radio!!

So a couple weeks I was talking about Youth Explosion and how awesome it is, yeah well the band Behold that played at the event for a couple years was on the radio!!! holy snap that is pretty awesome!! If your in the Lethbridge area and listen to 98.1 FM, if you don`t you should […]