Advent Day 23 Angels From The Realms of Glory

It is Christmas Eve up here in north America! I know this advent is up abit late, but I was taking some family time most of the day. Angels From The Realms of Glory sounds new me, but sounds like a good song of just being at peace in His presence! How awesome a feeling […]

Advent Day 21 Go Tell It On The Mountain

Go Tell It On The Mountain is a favourite of mine, not only a good jingle to the song but a good set of words. Sometimes sung in Sunday School, but any song can be sung at anytime at any age. It is certainly rather fun Christmas song to sing! It is a celebration of birth, […]

Advent Day 19 O Holy Night

Today has been busy but ok, today my step-dad had passed 5 yrs ago and can be abit emotional for eveyone at our house. So far things havn't been too bad this year, but theres times you can sense it in the air and wonder if anyone might lash out or not. When things feel […]

Advent Day 2-Angels We Have Herd On High

It is second day of advent and are taking a read through Luke 2 and the song Angels We Have Herd On High simply focused around the birth of Chirst. The chapter is self explanitory as it says about angels that are actually there! you can see them! The Angel that was sent had appeared to […]