Rock N’ Rolling Easter

If you have a favorite rock song or band what comes to mind? Are they all Christian, secular (non-Christian), or both? Did you know that Rock N’n Roll started in the 1950s? A combo of country, blues, and gospel music. Originally started out with the saxophone then moved to the electric guitar. There are a […]

Easter verse of the day

Hello there!  Last Thursday  was St. Patrick's Day, Sunday was Palm Sunday and Monday was first of spring.  There's alot that has been happening this month! Easter is also early this year,  it's coming up pretty soon! Christmas is great but even better Easter weekend.  Christ has come and sacrificed himself for us on Good […]

Good Friday

 Today April 18th is Good Friday, for many Christians it's a time of remembering, a time of grieving sometimes, but also a time of celebrating His life when he died on this day.  Today I participate in the walk of the cross with mom and one of my brothers. Different people carried the cross, including […]