Eye of The Storm

Here's a really neat song called the Eye of The Storm by Ryan Stevenson. Lately here in my province there had recently been a wildfire that had spread in Fort McMurray Ab leaving many homeless and running for thier lives. I'm not affected nor do I live there or anywhere close , but you do […]

Facing your Challenges

It is the 2014 olympics that are happening in Sochi Russia, lots are around the world are watching the athletes from their country compete for gold. As this devotion is gonna talk about challeges, it makes me also relise the athletes face many challenges of their own too!  1 Samuel 17:32-51 (New Living Translation) David […]

Life’s Stepping Stones

From the time when we’re born till we die there are things in life we and learn to do to shape us. Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re not, these make life an adventure and are also seen as a stepping stone in life. At a certain point when we’re babies we learn to eat, […]