Rock N’ Rolling Easter

If you have a favorite rock song or band what comes to mind? Are they all Christian, secular (non-Christian), or both? Did you know that Rock N’n Roll started in the 1950s? A combo of country, blues, and gospel music. Originally started out with the saxophone then moved to the electric guitar. There are a […]

Bible Journaling

Hey people! Hope you're having a great summer! Mine has been mostly work, but every now and then chill with some friends when I can. Be heading off to BC in the next few weeks for my cousins wedding! In the meantime I've picked up a journaling bible!!! This one you can fill in with […]

Bible Journaling

If your a great artist or just like to doodle, check out htis site where some have done some bible journaling. Taking notes and reading your bible couldn't of been more fun! I don't have a lot of room to draw pictures in my bible, but it gives some intersting idea's for scrappbooking. Wouldn't it […]

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Saw this on Google+ and I thought it was coolstuff! We've had the odd reacial slander against our family before whether to our face or behind our back because we're differnt and not alot of people like different. There's not a majority of our ethicnic group around where we live. Either way it dose and did certainly […]

Youth Explosion!!

Last weekend was YE!! was an awesome time for the most part! finally got things together and somewhat organised, if you go to you can see some pictures if they are uploaded yet if not I'm sure they will be sometime. Life gets busy! I do have a slide show of the event here […]