Say it With Feeling at VBS

So last week I did a thing. Our church does VBS (Vacational Bible School) for the kids in our community even those visiting attend as well. It’s been advertised for months and even got notified about it. I prayed about it if it’s something to help with this year, with not being able to be involved with youth ministry atm when Covid hit YE had closed and hurt from being pushed out from helping out with youth group atm I really miss it. I asked God do you want me to help with this? as the signs of it kept coming up. Prayed some more, checked with work if it works with my schedule. At first it didn’t work to go, but then when the schedule came out it worked out I could help out!

VBS Theme ROAR !

Beginning of June I let Gerri know I can. She was thrilled and happy for the extra help. 2 weeks before it started I was given to lead games! I was like yes I can! Was nervous, excited and happy to do so. Nervous cuz it’s been abit since I lead and wasn’t sure how I was gonna do after being in a hard valley for these last 2 yrs, but excited that God and Gerri sees I am capable of anything and that I got this!

It wasn’t planned but in preparing one of the games called ‘Say it with Feeling’ kids were to say a sentence that was written on a card with the feeling it says and people would have to guess it. As I prepped this game I felt God say share a devo thought, because kids need to know they are also allowed to express how they feel.

It was certainly a blessing to hang out with the kids! This is what I shared the one day!

Say it with feeling

God made us with feelings and emotions. It’s what makes us who we are as individuals and different from one another. How we feel about anything everyday is okay. For example: it’s normal to feel sad or mad when a pet dies, you lose a friend or family or you stubbed your toe, or even if someone hurt your feelings.

It’s normal to be happy and joyful about the good things too. Example: getting a new pet, reuniting with family and friends, being successful at sports, school, or accomplishments. Its ok to feel happy when others are good to you. Most of all being excited for Jesus and sharing Him with others!

The list goes on for many of our feelings, We all have good days and bad days and it’s ok to feel them and talk about them. Jesus did, He felt and expressed them all and He knows what you feel and going through on any given day. The shortest verse in the Bible is: Jesus wept (cried). John 11:35. Jesus also brings great joy, How my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour. Luke 1:47

Don’t let anyone keep God and you in a box or make you bottle up your feelings and emotions. It’s been a joy hanging out with all of you this week, even when some challenge me, I’m thankful for you all.

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