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It's been awhile since posting, summer and life has been busy with work. Did get a chance to get away for abit over the summer this month. Visted some family with my brother and went places in BC. Have alot of pictures to sort thorugh, I think I got through maybe a quarter of them. HAHAHA, While I was there My Aunty Tracy gave me some really cool to read, and so I thought I'd share. Hopefully it's easy to see/read (double click to make it bigger!

It's called New School Prayer, It was written by a 15 year old school kid who got an A+ for this entry ( Totally Awesome) The Lords Prayer Is not allowed in most US Public Schools any more. A kid in Minnesota, worte the following: 


2 thoughts on “New School Prayer

  1. So much truth to that prayer. It's a shame that Christians are discriminated against so much here in North America – a land that used to offer and promise freedom. Now one of the only things we are free from is God – and that's not so good.

    I'm glad that I am on the Lord's side. Thanks for sharing!

    • Indeed, it is sad that people will say oh ok to do everything else, even though they may know it’s wrong, but to them it’s “better” than putting God first. I have prayed in school quietly to myself, exspecially before an exam or test of some sort. I’ve shared alittle bit in school before and if I didn’t share too much I think most people probably have an idea that I was different. On a sad note people probably thought I was mormon because I didn’t didn’t drink, Lol. I simply said nope, I’m a Christian, I just choose not to drink.

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