New Category!

Hey! How is everyone doing? hope everyone is trying to make the most of spring if your in Canada. In the mean time I've added a new catigory or tab if your've noticed called Verse of the day. I will try to each day, if not I will try to make up for it, posting up a new verse of the day. I have a widget on my phone that sends me verses for each new day from the bible app by Youversion. Biblegateway also has their verse of the day as well. 

I may sometimes use a verse from either one or I f something comes to mind that day instead. It's different than a devotion because it's just posting a verse and sometimes the odd short thought with it. Sometimes it can lead into a devotional, I will simply let you know, but feel free to check out previous devotions anytime. any of the tabs to the side are wonderful to check out and hopefully encourages your day.

The word is always important to know!

Keep on praising! yeslaugh 

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