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How's everyone been doing? Hope the start of the new year has been good for the most part. For me work is work, nothing hugely new has happened other than the website switching from Vulcan Youth to The Tigger'nator as I havn't lead youth group for awhile, I guess all I could do is wait for the Lord's return! although in the meantime we can check out a Bible Dictionary app. I have 3 jobs and one of these jobs requires me to write about tech. and apps. Not all of them are Christian but they are clean and decent to use. The Bible Dictionary app for Android devices I had taken alook at and written about last week over at 

Sometimes we read our bible and or listening in church to the pastor, and some words may come up and ponder on our minds, well what dose that mean? You can always ask, if the preacher dosn't mind you asking questions, but sometimes you want to make sure yourself by checking out some terms. You don't want people pulling your leg or taking you for a ride. It's a really neat app as it can go in depth and has biblical refrence points to look up where the word is used. Always look in your bible to check things out. If you want a good bible app I've taken alook and written about the YouVersion Bible App, there's also Bible for Kids App on there too! 

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