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Hey people!

Got back from a weekend of awesome!! Our local youth rally event had ended around noonish on Sun. Lots of great messages for the weekend circled around on a mission for God and knowing what do. Being equipped and ready to go out on the mission field to fight the battle we`re facing in our lives or will in future. Reality is we all have a battle no matter what kind of home we grew up in. The verse for the weekend theme was 1 Peter 5:8-9 Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith. Remember that your Christian brothers and sisters[b] all over the world are going through the same kind of suffering you are.

I can`t remember everything, wish i took notes, hopefully next year I remember to. As the main speaker Sid was speaking this year he mentioned in his message that we can`t just keep playing mission, we need to go out there and use our training for the mission God calls us to do, for the battle out there. To be mighty leaders for God. 

Another speaker Ben had spoke on equipment, having the right gear to fight the battle as He read from Ephesians. He talked about 6 key features to be equipped for battle.  Belt, Body Armor, Shoes, Shield, Helmet, and Sword. Also another key thing to keep strong is to pray! 

We also had some teaching sessions on creation and evolution, the public school system can give us bad intel of where we come from and how the world began. Robin had cleared that up in here session that we don`t come from apes or out of the sea.

The band Behold was our band for the weekend, playing worship music and praises. Some of them did a session, Mark had done a one called Canvas of Lies which was a radio drama that was pre done before hand. It talked about how Satin can make sin look `good` and not tell the other side of the out come. Mark asked questions on ways we can keep connected with God and things that come in the way of God. We are not to be slaves to sin.

There was a prayer walk led by Pastor Dave called Meet You at The Pole. Where you walk around town and just pray at the flag poles for that area the flags are at and or anything on mind. Some from the band went along to, playing a melody as they walked or prayed!

We also had some fun, art and crafts going on too! a sketcher from ABC had done a drawing session of a warrior. You had to try sketching. Ribbon Cross activity done by Wendy was with pre-made crosses from plastic canvas using ribbon, weaving them in and out of the wholes. Also some football for an hour to blow off some steam and show off some athletic skillz that I certainly don`t have lots of lol.

Alberta Bible College had done a boys and girls sessions with everyone! Boys were in one gym and the girls in the other. Talking about fears and doubts we have. Was some stations set up that we went around in groups doing the activity at the tables. 

Some other cool and fun things we did was some Menonite dancing, trying to keep your dance partner away from the tagger and human foosball played foosball style. Free food, prizes and photos taken silly or serious at the photo booth kids had fun with that too! as well as some flying whales for a youth leader challenge! I even got in on the action too with all my crazy business snapping photos and running PowerPoint for the weekend it was a gooder! MC`s Sue and Even were awesome! 

A great team of people to be on board with and a great group of youth that came out to make it all happen!! Pictures are at 


2 thoughts on “My Weekend!!

  1. It was indeed a great weekend!  Thanks so much for your part in the weekend girl.  It was AWESOME to be working with you and ministering to youth.  Thanks for running my powerpoint and for the laughs, the mentorship and the encouragement.

    God is good and has called each of us to battle on a mission.  It is dangerous, but He is always with us.  It's a great point that even though it feels as though we sometimes lose the battle, the winner of the entire war is God!

  2. For sure!! it was so awesome to be back involved with youth again as well!!! and to be part of a team, I missed it so much!! was good to see and chat with some of the youth from our group. Thx too for all your work for helping with powerpoint, videos and tech stuff too. Your welcome as well!!

    Very good point as well about the dangerous thing, and good to battle for the right thing!

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