Merry Late Christmas


Christmas was afew days ago! my site has been getting some upgrades so close to Christmas that I didn't want to break anything with the domain name move. I am now located at

 I didn't do up a Christmas card of my own this year to share in an enail, however I have made afew people homemade cards when I gave gifts.  I do wish you all a Merry Late Christmas, Hope you all have had a good one with family and  friends whether big or small gatherings as long as we don't loose focus on what Christmas is about.

 I did take some time to think about Jesus, we actually prayed this year before opening gifts on Christmas day, and of course we always do at dinner. I know I've been promoting the meaning if Christmas on social networks or whenever appropriet in public with a simple. It drives me so crazy when people say Happy Holidays, Season's Greeting, Xmas whatever is going these days. Either Christmas is too long to write so they put xmas and or they don't want to be reminded of Christ because Christ is in Christmas. I've made effort ot say/write Merry Christmas because that's the right way and only.

Christmas Eve I went for llunch with my mom and one of my brothers, some last min food shopping for Christmas dinner. Went to the Christmas Eve service at Church. I was rather pretty how they set up the candles. Some Christmas songs that told the meaning of Christmas and some vereses said to go along with it. The Pastor had even spoke afew words. The congregation had even got to light candles with others as we sang Silent Night. After the service my family and I go looking around at the lights around town to see some cool light set ups, I love looking at light shows and set ups that people put on display. It's awesome and fun when you look at them with friends and family too!  


Christmas Day opened gifts, played and checked out what we got, watched some movies, ate turkey and homemade curry! Yum yum! Boxing Day we just relaxed, gamed and some movies. I had also worked on putting together a manger scene I was working on hoping to get done before Christmas and for a rainbow loom contest. I think I'll make the contest, but deffinatly late for this year's Christmas. cheeky 

That was some things I did at Christmas time! I do leave you with this verse to ponder on:

"For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders.And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 

Isaiah 9:6


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  1. Great reminder and it was cool to see you at church and to be invited to look at lights with you guys. God is good and His Son is the ONLY reason for Christmas. Thanks again girl. You are awesome! Never forget that – God created you awesome and you are!

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