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Hey ya'll!

Hope life has been going great for you! A couple weeks ago was at YC saw coolbands and heard some great messages. Got to hear Manafest speak as well. I've herd him play live last year, both sessions are awesome. Even though it was 5 seconds of my day or life I got to talk to him a tiny bit, just mostly to let him know I've listened through some of his audio book, did a great job on it and to keep it up! Something like that anyway. He has afew new songs for his new album called Stones. One of his songs is called Stones and its interesting and definietly reminds me of how it says in the bible talks about casting stones at people back in bible times for punishment. Reminds me almost of when the women caught in adultry, the people were going to stone her. Jesus said about casting the first stone those who have no sin. 

Manafest isn't talking about adultry in his song, but reminds me of times when we sin and sin can mean anything that isn't of God and that who are we to point fingers at people (throw stones) when we are also sinners?  Check it out!


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  1. I'd never heard anything from his new album, but I will be now! Good song, good thought and thanks for sharing!

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