Jesus Loves the Little Children

Saw this on Google+ and I thought it was coolstuff! We've had the odd reacial slander against our family before whether to our face or behind our back because we're differnt and not alot of people like different. There's not a majority of our ethicnic group around where we live. Either way it dose and did certainly hurt and it dosn't give anyone the right to be hateful to different, on a positive note there are also a majority that don't hate either. 

This reminds me of the Sunday school song Jesus Loves the Little Children. There's some people that think one colour, one race, one culture is best. Nah, God never intends that for one bit, infact Jesus wasn't exactly white, he wasn't exactly brown or black. He was an olive colour like the Jews. God accepts everyone that turns to Him. We may not have everything in common with one another, but we are all people that sin and yes our souls would be the same colour too! 

So put your differences and hurtful thoughts away about people and add alittle colour to your life! Variety never killed anyone, besides if everthing or everyone was the same life wouldn't be as interesting. smiley Have a great day!

different tones of skins

2 thoughts on “Jesus Loves the Little Children

  1. There is no color when it comes to people. We are all created in the image of God and equal. I'm so glad that God is "colorblind" and that he sent His Son for everyone! Thanks for another awesome positive message!

    • Thx and your welcome! Am glad too that God is “colour blind”. that is a good way to see it and call it. Thx for your inspriation

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