Jesus Freak Cruise!

Last month I went on a Christian cruise with my cousin, aunt, and uncle. It was really awesome! Got to see DC Talk play live, the gang that made up the crew had also their bands like Toby Mac, the Newsboys and afew others that either wrote some songs with different members of the crew at different times in life. There was also talking sessions that happened along the trip. My cousin and I were able to make it to 2 of them, as there is so much to do and see on a crusie! endless amounts of food! and things to do!

Even got to stop at the Bahamas Nassu and Half Moon Cay, there you could do some exscrusions if you've booked ahead of time. We didn't do any as we wanted ot do our own looking around and shopping and just enjoying God's creation! It's also a holiday can certaily do what you feel like doing! Check these out for your enjoyment. 


Jesus Freak Cruise 2017

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