It’s Christmas Season and updates!

It is that time of year again to get our minds thinking of the holy one, Christ our Saviour! I didn't get a chance to look into a Christmas advent devotional things. If I do it might be a short one. Last year I took alook at some Christmas song devotionals what the songs mean. Your certainly welcome to check them out and refresh your memory again. 

Speaking of songs, heres a really cool song I herd on ShineFm during thier Christmas songs for all month long. A different twist to the 12 Days of Christmas! Speaks alot of truth for everyday too! Also on a side note some updates are on it's way to the site as well as We are getting a new web host as our current one is no longer able to continue. Might not be of many changes how it looks, but may down for acouple days in the next few weeks or in the new year! 

In the meantime enjoy!


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