Help the Poor

How often do we as people think of ourselves first? probably more than you think. Most of us would rather spend our money on stuff, some not all like brand name items or the newst things around. Some people think if you got money your in control and can spend it on whatever. Money is nice indeed, you buy alot of stuff if you have alot to spend. Can certainly help you get by in life. Most people that are poor are just getting by and most often they are more appricative of what they have around them. Yes becareful what you buy off the streets, but also remember you don't always know what they might be going through. If it's not a shady deal and you feel lead to help them do so.

I'm going through a bible study through the book of James and in parts it talks about the poor in places. Other places it mentions the poor as well, it always reminds us to help the poor. I could post abunch of verses from James 2, but that would be alot when you can go check them yourself, and if you know it thats great too!

This video I saw on Facebook can tell you what I mean!


One thought on “Help the Poor

  1. Great video and good message. It's interesting as we study the book of James to see the stress that he places on this idea. When you look at the persecution the church endured, I guess it makes sense though. There were a lot of widows, orphans and no doubt a lot of poor people.

    Thanks for the reminder and the great message!

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