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Hey there this is now my blog as Vulcan Youth hasn’t been active or shown tons of activity for quite some time. I wanted to do something for God as this time in life feels very trying of trials atm. Had a thought that i can say God placed on my mind for a few days to start a blog with just only Christian quotes, stories, devotions, clips etc.  the site renewed so I thought sure I’ll use Vulcan Youth as Tiggy’s blog.  Simply about sharing God’s word with the world young and old. Not lots right now as I’m just getting started. More shall come as time gose on. Forgive me if I don’t post frequently as you like, I do also work, living can be expensive at times!! Check it out and see what you like!!



2 thoughts on “New Blog!!

  1. Thx, hope God keeps using me for something as im not involved with youth group atm, but still care about kids lives and want to still share God`s love and grace among all. Still am involved with Youth Explosion which is coming up quite soon in about 2 months! Im glad to be still part of that, i hope too that tis blog a can make a difference too!

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