Happy New Years!!

Well, its out with the old and into the new year of being on earth! Its not quite 2014 here in Canada, but the other side of world has beat us there!! Some make resalutions and some don't. I quit making resalutions cuz I never seem to keep them! But I have been trying to grow my nails…heh what resalutions have you made if you made any? anyhow hope you have a Happy and safe New Year and a better, blessed fantastic 2014! See you next year! 

Here's a video I found as I was looking for 2014 fireworks. Someone had made some fireworkd to sync with music.


One thought on “Happy New Years!!

  1. Happy New Year! This year (and each day) I'm going to try and pray more. Spend time in the word. This blog really helped me through the Christmas season – so thanks! I'm going to continue reading through the Gospels and hope to get more insight as to what God wants of me – each day.

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