Happy Halloween!

Hey you!

Last weekend was awesome! As it was Youth Explosion! Ben Heide was the speaker and he did an amazing job! The band Behold did great, introduced alot of new songs. Possibly sung by other artists, but they have the talent to play verse me. Was different this year without their previous lead singer and guitarist, but Trever took the lead and did his best. Will try and get the video up son on the YE site, it's been busy still and recovering from everything I did too!

Anyhow, today is Halloween and it really isn't a Christian holiday, I don't do much for it, but I've been thinking these last few days about it, plus youth group sparked the idea as I was thinking about it. I had decided to do up some candy bags anyhow and slip in some verses in each bag! I thought why not share God's love and word with all that come? sometimes you never know what situation each family is going through, planting that seed is always good, exspecially on a day like today that promtes eveil. As Christians we should try to be that shining light in the darkest times as well as when it's good!


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