Happy Easter

This is late, but it's never too late to share Jesus! When there's an opertunity available give it a try! I have been working on a really cool Photoshop item that I say from one of those speed videos I had said I would try one! I did, and gave it my all to spread my creative juices around! Best of all it's a way I can also spread the word of God around! 

He Has Risen! No longer on the ground, nobody can do that, Jeus can! I am so glad He has made it possible for us to be with Him in Heaven! Hope you had a great Easter Remembering the one who saved you as you check out this cool image!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. I absolutely LOVE that image! I thought I commented on this a while back, but I guess I didn't hit "Post". Well done. So much effort put into that.

    Is it possible you do one with "YE 2015" and put some of the verse, thoughts, theme or such in it? It would make a great backdrop at YE and be awesome to allow people to download and share!

    Keep up your ministry, creativity and seed planting! 

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