Guinness Book Of World Records!

 Hey-O!! im back here and there from my cold, no I did not make th Guinness Book, there's no way in chance that I would make it in there. I tried onetime for a dinosaur collection but I don't think I had all the things they required, lol, but If any of you know a Christian rapper by the name of KJ-52 he's got something to show ya'll. I've seen him live at YC with youth group, was pretty awesome! he rapped out some songs and did a freestyle! He's wrote several CD's and dose alot of freesstyles. Him and his team it looks like went to The Guinness Book and did a 12 hr freestyle rap, switching off between peeps on the team. 

Can't really tell what they are rapping about, but I believe and know it's clean of cousre they would say something about the Lord too. That's how KJ rolls! 🙂 


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