Freak show by Skillet!!

I`ve been in the mood for dome Skillet lately! Seen this band play live at YC in Edmonton AB twice when they had thier Comatose and Awake CD!. It was pretty awsome!! This song is off thier new CD called Rise, and reminds be of the verse from 1 Peter 2:11. Dear friends, I warn you as “temporary residents and forieners“ to keep away from worldy desires that wage war against your very souls. -NLT

Some translations say aliens of this world, either way it means as Christians we are not ones of this world, our world is in heaven, we`re different. Worldly things will be temporary and fade away, but heaven can`t be taken away!

Jam it up with Skillet as we`re the freaks (in a good way) of this world!!


2 thoughts on “Freak show by Skillet!!

  1. That’s a fun and great song that will be featured in an upcoming video project I’m working on. Praise God that our dwelling is not here, but in heaven!

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