Eye of The Storm

Here's a really neat song called the Eye of The Storm by Ryan Stevenson. Lately here in my province there had recently been a wildfire that had spread in Fort McMurray Ab leaving many homeless and running for thier lives. I'm not affected nor do I live there or anywhere close , but you do feel sorry for hte people what they worked for and you know some people that are their, an Unlce and cousin of mine comute back and forth for work there. No doubt people are stressed and worried for themselves and each other. Everytime I herd this song it kinda reminds me that they are going through this storm in thier lives. Some might curse God for these happenings, but those that know Him will hopefully cling and run to HIm. God is still on the throne as we need to trust Him. 

This song is relateable to many storms in different ways in our lives as well. If you are going through a storm right now and sometimes we are not sure what to do take some time and pray, talk it out if you need to, take some time in His presence, surround yourself with encouraging people and His love. I know I've been through many storms and am going through one right now, I do hope and pray it gets better myself too. 

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