Photoshop is very cool to use once you know afew basics. I only know a small portion of photoshop, not only that I use it for when I edit the product images, but I also use it for personal use as well. There are sooo many things you can do and creat with this program that it's mind blowing, but the average person maybe only uses 10% of it. Here are afew very cool videos of some photoshopping sped up from If you are good at creating pictures and or keeping up with the instructions try it out and share with the world. I certainly want to try afew of these myself as they are so awesome! Of course I'm probably gonna pause afew times and back track what to do!

This one looks easier than the other few, it also has one of my favourite songs I heard and learnt from when I was in youth group. This video is basically taking a verse and filling it in the words I AM.  


Walk through God's word as you walk with Him and see what you can find.


Let us lift our hands to the Lord, watch and feel His love pour down on us!


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  1. Those are some super cool videos and I'm glad that you learned some cool songs in Youth Group. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration! God is so good! I hope to see you do some more original photoshop verse stuff! w00t!

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