Chris Tomlin

Was listing to my music on Xbox Music, since Zune is no longer around which sucks, it don't stop me from finding music else where. Sometimes listing on youtube or CD's, MP3's, phones with music apps ect. Anyhow, I came across some awesome praise and worship music from a guy named Chris Tomlin that I have also herd at YC. If you need something calming and away from all the crazyness in your life spend some time with God and just open up your heart to Him. Check it out and maybe you might want to download/buy the CD's. 

These are jsut abunch of songs that someone piled together, most from His new CD Burning Lights. There maybe some other songs in that play list that are not played by Chris, are good songs of worship as well. He also has a Channel on youtube at this link here. ChrisTomlinVevo


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