Catching up!

Hello people of the Internet! 

It has been so long it feels that I've done anything here.  I have not died, just been busy.  Summer was good, went to my cousin's wedding and visited family while I was in BC. Worked mostly too, went off to camp as well with my work. Also have been listening to the new TFK and Skillet Album that came out this summer! It is pretty fly! Awesome too. I certainly have some favorites from the 2 CDs.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, I was able to have my family over for Thanksgiving, and some friends over for dessert the next day as I had lots left over! everyone had survived which is good! 🙂 

Youth group is in full swing since September at church, it's awesome being able to share God with all these young people and encourage one another. I'm thankful that I can be apart of that, and thankful people in my life that had a hand in mentoring me, helping me be that leader through Christ. 

Youth Explosion is coming soon as well, Oct.  21-23 2016. It is their 15th year! Theme is Ridiculous, doing some ridiculous things for Christ! God calls us to be different from what the world dose.  If you check out YE website it will tell you lots of details what's going on and register! 

I will try and post a little more,  when I can, in the meantime keep praising and putting God first! 

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