Angle Armies

Hey you! 

I may not be around blogging as much on the weekend, and yes sorry for not posting anything from Sun. till now as I've been busy with getting things ready for Youth Explossion happening this weekend!! wohoo!! it's a battle theme this year. Knowing what to do and how to be equipted and ready to fight the enemy in this spiritual battle that gose on!

Check out this awesome video/song by Chris Tomlin which I saw/herd at YC as well. This song is saying that God's army is on our side when we trust in Him. He will help us fight and stand agaisnt the enemy. Great Song for a great weekend! which you can check out  right here!  

One thought on “Angle Armies

  1. Great song!  I am so glad I serve the God who is the leader of Angel armies!  Praise God for His Power, His Work, His Protection, His Grace, His Forgiveness and His Love!  The YE Weekend was awesome!  Thanks for sharing as always!

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