Advent Day 22 Breath Of Heaven

 Breath of Heaven or some may know it as Mary's Song. As you sing/read this song it gives you the idea that  Mary had a big responsibility on her hands that God has asked of her, and yet just a teenager. I'm sure in that time a teenager being pregnant must of been a big deal unlike today it still is a big deal, but it seems to be abit common sadley. Some teens these days and maybe some young adults don't relise how important it is to save yourself before marriage. Not only because it's biblical but I'm sure it be eaiser to raise a child and for a child to have both parents.

In Mary's case it was different, God had to pick somebody to bring His child into this world of destruction. Mary was God's pick because He knew Mary well and her heart. She was in line to be married to Joseph and did later when the Angel told Joseph in a dream. I could imagine what the world was saying or thinking of Mary when that has happened being with child suddnely. It amazes me how strong willed she was to keep listening to God's call for htis mission.

I am a pure child of God that has not messed around with guys like some girls do in this day and age nor am I with child. This psalm is an encouagement to read when your going through any sort of persecution. Mary I'm sure hung on to verses like these in her trials of judgment from the world. 

Psalm 57

1 The Lord is my light and my salvation—
so why should I be afraid?
The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger,
so why should I tremble?


Breath Of Heaven

Breath of Heaven, Hold me together

Be forever near me, Breath of Heaven

Breath of Heaven, Light my darkness

Pour over me, your holiness, For you’re holy

Breath of Heaven

So many of us hold Mary, the mother of Jesus, in very high esteem because she was chosen by God to carry His Son and bring Him into the world. It was the greatest task anyone has ever been given. Even though we hold Mary in high esteem, it’s important to remember that she was a normal person just like us. In fact, she probably battled fear as much if not more so than most people. She was an unmarried teenager that found herself miraculously pregnant after an angel told her she would give birth to the Messiah. She was probably afraid of the great task that God had given her and dealt with fear from the backlash she and Joseph received because of the unique pregnancy. She probably battled fear on their long journey to Jerusalem, as she was nine months pregnant and travelling on a donkey. Despite her fear, however, she remained faithful to God and the task they were given.

The song Breath of Heaven gives us a prayer that Mary most likely prayed asking God to hold her together, be near her, and to light her darkness. How many times have you prayed a similar prayer? Christmas is a joyous time, but the reality for many of us, is that it’s hard to experience joy in the midst of all the turmoil and trials that are happening around us. Just as God protected and guided Mary through a difficult time, allow Him to guide you this Christmas. Pray and share with Him what troubles your spirit, and allow Him to restore the joy of Christmas within you by holding you together, being forever near you, and lighting your darkness.


What trials are you enduring currently that are robbing you of the joy of Christmas?

What are some things you can do to reclaim joy and hope in your life?

My Answers:

Some church stuff and comments people say behind my back, who I can a and can't be friends with. Sometimes some people's negative comments and thier false accusations can bring my joy down. It's been hard to feel chipper when you feel pushed away. I just keep praying and asking God to be near me and help me not to believe people's hurtful words and thoughts. It's hard, but I got to try. Surrounding myself with encouraging people can lift some spirits too.

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  1. Great song, great thoughts and I'm so glad that you are EXACTLY who you are! I so glad that you haven't messed up your life and that you are pure. God can use everyone, but I know that He has promised awesome things to those who put HIM and HIS commands first! He did with Mary!

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