Advent Day 17 We 3 Kings of Orient Are

 The Christmas Carol We Three Kings Of Orient Are have been given afew different names to this song. Some may remember it called We Three Kings, either way It's basically telling there are 3 Kings travelling from far away that has been traveling for a while following the star in the sky bringing gifts for the King.

It's interesting how the 3 kings and afew others that came to see the king have relied on the star and trusted God to bring them to the place of the King. Like it says in Proverbs 3 in afew verses to trust in the Lord. 

 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
do not depend on your own understanding.
6 Seek his will in all you do,
and he will show you which path to take.

We Three Kings Of Orient Are

O star of wonder, star of night,

Star with royal beauty bright,

Westward leading, still proceeding,

Guide us to thy perfect Light.

It’s often difficult for people to understand that Jesus was born just like us. He wasn’t born in a luxurious palace or a fancy hospital. He was born outside, in a manger. He came into a world filled with sin, yet he lived an absolutely perfect life. He came to lead us, and guide us into a loving relationship with God.

The three wise men are a great example of what complete submission to God looks like. The moment they saw the star they dropped everything they were doing and embarked on a long journey that was most likely difficult at times. The men had no idea where they were going, but placed their complete trust in a star to lead them. They devoted everything to seeking Him no matter the cost. Just like the three men in this song followed a shining star to see Jesus when he was born, if we submit ourselves to God, He will direct our paths and be a perfect guide for our lives.


What are the areas in your life you need to submit to God?

Try to remember a time when you did submit something to God. What was the outcome of that situation?

My Answers:

This is something to think about indeed. Right now I'm not too sure what, I guess there is always something God wants us to submit to Him. Probably my worries and fears that I struggle with If your not saved that is definitly one thing God wants people to submit is yourself. I have already a long time ago! For that I will be in heaven. 

One thought on “Advent Day 17 We 3 Kings of Orient Are

  1. I love this song! I know it's not the most worshipful of all the Christmas carols, but it's one of my favorites. I still remember when I learned the "minor" chords so that I could play it on my guitar. I love it.

    In answer to the question: I need to submit my time to God. I know that I do a lot better job at time management than I used to, but I need to make sure I continue to do so.

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