About the Tigger’nator!

I figure it's about time to add an about page to this site! Most sites typically have one and maybe I don't have to necessarily need to. It's been about 4 yrs ago since I started up this blog, almost the end of August 2013. It's interesting how this started. I was going through a rough time that year with some church drama and felt like things just fell apart in my life, youth group had been ripped out my hands. Not only me but my other fellow leaders had been pushed out too. We weren't able to lead youth group. 

Near the end of the summer God put this thought afew times on my mind to do some blogging. I did do some blogging back in the day of my high school years, but that was when “My Space” was cool or something through Microsoft stuff. I didn't really keep up with MySpace much, but tried with my Microsoft one then I didn't do to much with it as much later. With this one God put the thought in my mind again and at the same time my friend said something too if I was interested in blogging! That was perfect timing, he helped get me started with his website tech. skills! 

This website promotes God and to share God's love with the world whomever reads this…obviously! 🙂 hopefully God's word can be encouraging and inspiring to one another to bring you and others closer to Christ! The bible talks about encouraging one another, and when we can encourage one another through Christ everybody wins, but most of all God wins. He is the one we should always glorify! 

Afew things about the blogger, her nickname is Tigger online, hence the name the Tiggernator! I love God and have a passion to share it anyway possible! Loves doing youth group and helps lead a group of young teens at church, as well as being part of the Youth Explosion committee for an event that happens yearly in our town. yevulcan.com 

Outside of youth group I work 3 other jobs: Support worker for Special Needs alot of them  are young adults along with the odd teen and child. I also do some cleaning at an elementary school after my main job mentioned for abit. My 3rd job is an Analyst for a tech. site bcchardware.com where I’m their local photoshopper, app reviewer as well as I get to “test” and write about some techy products! My jobs are pretty fun, and sometimes busy like any job can be. 

So what does this girl do, especially for fun? All work and no play makes Tigger a dull girl! I certainly love to kick back and play some video games and some crafting. When I'm tired and played out I watch movies and some TV, I'm pretty bad for binge watching Netflix… You know how it is! Lol, I also like snapping pictures, some casual photography – I don't do it as often as I like to, but when I find an opportunity or inspiration to I give a shot! Speaking of shots I casually like to shoot targets and gophers…. Yea some of you thinking, but they so cute! Why? Because I'm helping the farmers out with pest control and it's just fun! I do spend time on the web as well, sometimes for social sometimes for research and ideas for crafting and sometimes for downtime. 

There's alot of things that I may have picked up and dropped over the years, not many things change with me, but spending time with God and spending time with family and my bestests friends that care doing whatever, chatting and laughing about whatever. Those I will never drop, time with people and God are my favorite things in the world and important to me!! 🙂 I love having a fun good time! 

Hopefully this gives you a rough idea of me in a nutshell and my blog, my posting will certainly take care of the rest to glorify God and tell about Him. I may not post everyday, but when I do get inspired I try to post up something! 

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