A neat phrase

Sometimes friends, family, or maybe co-workers and sometimes the world just want to see what they only want to see and not see the betterside of you. Sometimes people want you to do things that they do or be like them.

Saw this phrase on a window at the school where I do some cleaning. I thought it was interesting. It also gives you a thought if you re-wrote the phrase to say something like "Do what God wants you to do, not what people choose for you to do" 

Don't let man get in the way of God's plan for you! The enemy wants to see you fall, God wants to help and see you succeed!

a cool phrase

2 thoughts on “A neat phrase

  1. Well said!  Of course we can always have other believers mentor us, but once they start telling you what God's specific will is for your life – or what they "know" called has called you to do, be careful and steer clear…

  2. Indeed, its encouraging to have other believers mentor us toward God for sure. Yes becareful when people tell us Gods will for life. Thx!

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