99 bibles…

You may know that famous traveling song of 99 bottles of whatever, what if we put a Christian twist on it? It be quite interesting and maybe a thought to take our Bible off the shelf more often! This is my version of it, be interesting what you may come up with in your travels!

"99 bibles on the shelf, 99 bibles of God’s word, take one down, pass it around, 98 bibles left on the shelf." 

 And so on until you get down to 1!

"No more bibles on the shelf, no more bibles to pass around, go to the bookstore and buy some more, 99 bibles of God’s word on the shelf!"


2 thoughts on “99 bibles…

  1. I have a feeling that if we read the Word of God more often and shared the Word like we should, the world would look very different… For the better. 

    • Indeed, time is running short each day as each day brings us closer to Jesus. Not only read but do as God’s word says to have that relationship with Him. 

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