It’s December, Let’s Advent!!

 Hey!! is a new month, not quit a new year but that's a while yet. Although these months have been going quick it seems!! Favourite time of the year also emotional sometimes too. Not only my own issues and worries I have asI try to deal with, but this month as 5 years ago my stepdad had passed away 5 days before Christmas in a car accident. Sometimes its a hard time for our family this year exspecially for mom and my younger brother as it was his one and only dad. :'( but gonna try and keep my head on my shoulders, strong for my family, friends and focused on Christmas. 

We don't know exact date as to when Jesus was born, some say Jan, some say before Dec. I'm not entirely sure, but I guess Dec. was picked to celebrate his birth. A the world is so caught up in the shopping and "Santa Clause" they don't reconize the real meaning of Christmas. Sometimes us Christians can sometimes get abit caught in the middle and need to be reigned back in form all the busyness in life.

When the Christmas season is in tact there's so many ways to count down to Christmas. Lots of people try to count down using an Advent Calender, or some sort of counting thing. I know I had something like a chocolate advent calender as a kid. Sadley I went and bought one myself this year because i wanted chocolate…..  🙂 hehehe! 

I have a bible app on my phone called YouVersion and I also get news letters from them every now and then. Around Christmas time they do thier advent studies and reading plans. I thought I'd pick one and try it out and count down christian style. I picked an advent that talks about songs/carols that are sung around the Christmas month. If you go to their website you can also pick a few for a daily reading plan.

Each day in Dec. I will try to post/share something I've read and explain the best I can. I will try to post up other things too ither than jsut Advent readings as well. Stay tuned, join in and Keep in touch with the real meaning of Christmas! 


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