Monthly Archives: December 2014

Merry Late Christmas

Hey-O! Christmas was afew days ago! my site has been getting some upgrades so close to Christmas that I didn't want to break anything with the domain name move. I am now located at  I didn't do up a Christmas card of my own this year to share in an enail, however I have […]

12 Days of Canadain Christmas

I come from the land of the true north that is strong and free, the land of milk and honey or maple syrup and snow! which go together quite well! Here's my version of a Canadian 12 Days of Christmas. Work has been tiring and shopping been crazy!  I'll try and post up something Christian like […]

It’s Christmas Season and updates!

It is that time of year again to get our minds thinking of the holy one, Christ our Saviour! I didn't get a chance to look into a Christmas advent devotional things. If I do it might be a short one. Last year I took alook at some Christmas song devotionals what the songs mean. […]