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Good Friday

 Today April 18th is Good Friday, for many Christians it's a time of remembering, a time of grieving sometimes, but also a time of celebrating His life when he died on this day.  Today I participate in the walk of the cross with mom and one of my brothers. Different people carried the cross, including […]

Chris Tomlin

Was listing to my music on Xbox Music, since Zune is no longer around which sucks, it don't stop me from finding music else where. Sometimes listing on youtube or CD's, MP3's, phones with music apps ect. Anyhow, I came across some awesome praise and worship music from a guy named Chris Tomlin that I have […]


Well it certainy has been awhile since writing anything or thinking of what to put. Easter will soon be coming in a week or so, but I'm not talking about Easter just yet.  April 1st almost everybody knows it's the day of fools or mostly know as April fools day. I'm not entirely sure why […]