Monthly Archives: February 2014

TGofGL-Day 13 Beloved

Day 13 was for Monday, the last day of the series. Not sure if I had said in the beginning, if not sorry about that if anyone was wondering how long this one gose for.  Picture a wedding, now I am not married or ever have been. I don't know what that would or is like […]

TGofGL-Day 12 Conquering Love

This is an interesting devotion that was for Sunday. It almost reminds me bit what we're learning in bible study, who we are in Christ. We often are worried about what the people see and what they think of us. That is my struggle and irratates me, some people either don't see my heart or […]

TGofGL-Day 11 The Longing of Every Heart

Good day one and all, hope your Saturday went well and was relaxed abit.There's not tons of verses in this one to read through, but sometimes one verse can mean alot of things. This devotion simply tells us as make us think how much are longing for Him?. How much do we see the work […]

TGofGL-Day 10 Love in Action

 It's been busy this for work and I've taking afew hours in the morning to learn about the book of Revelation at the church my mom gose to, they do a bible college and so I was interested to know more things about Rev. As well I've been trying to keep up with how Canada is doing […]

TGofGL-Day 9 Sincere Love

Day 9 talking about sincere love vs. pretend love. May be some of you it might take you back to the days of school. Sometimes you have friends that are nice to you in person or sometimes in a crowd and then trash talks you behind your back. That's not a great freind to have, […]