10 Commandments with Jesus

We are all mostly familier with the 10 Commandments found in Exodus right? Which some call Moses Law, or the Law. The pharasies in the bible stood by that law for years even when Jesus was around. They did not like Jesus because they thought He was just breaking and disobying the law or "thier law and rules". 

Jesus wasn't breaking any laws, in fact He came to to fufill the law. He wasn't simply throwing them away or saying we ought to forget about them. They are more like guide lines as Heckor from Pirates of the Caribean would say about the pirates code. They are guidelines that Jesus fufilled to help us with our Christian walk. Basically to help us keep accountable, of course some of them we have broken. Some people might of broken all and some broke afew. It dosn't make anyone more or less perfect than our neighbour. With the blood of Jesus we are healed and forgivien in His grace and mercy. 

As I was looking through Facebook, I came across a link that says 10 Commandments ….FROM Jesus! As I read and realise Jesus had spread many of His commandments or fufillments throughout the new testimate to help us and be a light for others. 

Take a look and read through some commanments with Jesus! 


2 thoughts on “10 Commandments with Jesus

  1. Very cool thoughts from the article. I think though that the law is more than just "guidelines" although God knew that people couldn't follow them. The whole point was to show that they weren't able to obey a small list and needed God's grace and forgiveness. 

    I'm so glad that even though the law still matters, we aren't required to obey the law to get to heaven. Of course we need to try – obviously! God's grace is bigger than our mistakes though. Praise Him!

    • well I didn’t mean to abandon the law or ignore and yes they are more than just guidelines, but yes glad they’re not required in order to get to heaven. Thats why we have Jesus for sure. Thx for your comments, thoughts and cleearing afew things up too!! 🙂

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